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Coffee Cup Sleeves – Why You Don’t Need Them!

Coffee cup sleeves offer a branding opportunity – but they’re also, quite literally, hiding one too. Not to mention costing you money you don’t need to spend.

Okay, we’re biased because we custom print both single and double wall coffee cups here in Europe.

But double wall disposable coffee cups are a smarter, more economical choice than plain cups with sleeves because double wall disposable cups:

  • Don’t require sleeves, (or ‘clutches’) as they’re extra-insulated. Cheaper, uninsulated plain cups might be attractively priced – but you still have to add the cost of the sleeves themselves to the total package. (Let alone if you can get either the cups or the coffee cup sleeves in short runs for that limited storage space you might have.)
  • Offer a superior, more visible branding opportunity – including ‘special effects’ such as temperature- controlled behaviors, special embosses, spot colors, etc. The hand holding the cup hides most of the area reserved for the cup’s sleeve. As such, the double wall option allows for more color and branding visibility of the unexposed part of the cup.
  • Double wall cups are affordable in small quantities and short runs – and available on fast turnaround and short lead times.

There are setup charges for super small quantities, say around 1,000 pcs.

Nevertheless, at 5,000 pcs. or more there’s real value to be had, including convenience of surpassing issues typically associated with short notice, repeat ordering.

CupPrint is based in Ennis, Ireland, with a sales and service office in Ladbergen, Germany. CupPrint can deliver quantities as low as 1,000 pcs. with almost unlimited possibilities of high-resolution printing options and finishes.

You needn’t worry about artwork either as we have a full design team on hand to assist.

CupPrint take pride in their level of customer support and care and can turn have orders ready to ship in 15 days – or sometimes even sooner upon request. We’ll always do our best to make sure you get what you need!

Please let us know if you’d like a quote or want to discuss artwork possibilities.

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